Din바카라go steals tourist’s cash and jewels after he is kidnapped by the Sea Peoples!

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Greetings! This is a recording of my birthday present to you all. Today is a beautiful day. May the happy weather be with you! [Chuckle] My name is Xebec. I am the one who kidnapped you. I stole your coins and jewels. I have been holding you captive forever. Why me? I would never do this to anyone! You will never know what I am like. I am very powerful, just like you, but my power is also mine to keep. My life is the last thing you will ever know! I hope I don’t lose my power! The world is a very good place to be my child. I am not the only one, all of you were my prey. I took advantage of those who were in power. You will never understand what I do for you! Even now, you see me, you know what I see. They would never have wanted us here in these lands, it’s all because of you, even now! Today’s birthday is also my birthday!

The Dark Lord of S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

To a planet whose inhabitants were called Sea Peoples, only those who could afford luxury were welcome. And that is where I ended up. They lived in massive mansions built just for the Sea Peoples of the sea. They bought them all beautiful but never fully satisfied homes. I’m sure you already know why they sold our land to us, but you can see for yourselves how our resources would have been better if I didn’t come along. You see, there was a war going on between the world’s nations that had begun just a few months after I arrived on Earth. The conflict was never settled, but neither was it won. The seas continued to be polluted, and the inhabitants continued to suffer. After a while, the sea peoples los바카라t power and were forced to go back to the jungle to survive. I was one of those that madnatyasastra.come it back. There was one problem though, I didn’t know what I was in for. Even now, many of the Sea Peoples have forgotten what a very ugly planet we once were. We are in a far different time from the other Sea Peoples, all of whom have become quite civilized. I decided to change my way of life from hunting to mining. It didn’t take long to see the improvement in the land. In fact, once our wealth was enough to help u

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