Byron bay watching crucial beach development talks

byron bay planning by Ron Chiu

Brenton Cove

The project is a “mega” from the beach to Brenton Cove, with a major transformation that will reduce traffic to the beach for much of the next fou바카라r years.

A multi-million dollar transformation includes the construction of a new motor pool for the motor pool area, and new pedestrian crossings. A $300,000 public art project, including a giant mural by Paul Sorensen, is being created at the site as part of the multimillion dollar Beach Development Agreement.

The “multi-million dollar” part refers to the development cost which is about $9 million. The new motor pool and pedestrian crossing also increase the cost to the public and will be paid for with fees from toll collection.

Downtown Bayside

The entire redevelopment project will benefit Bayside, which will become a major commercial and residential corridor, as well as an international gateway to Bayside through trade and transit. In addition to an enhanced Bayside commercial district, the project will increase density at surrounding businesses as well as increase commercial uses and access to the downtown.

The plan calls for the addition of two new retail and restaurant districts and the development of approximately two acres of the surrounding area for housing.

“Downtown Bayside will benefit both Bayside and the surrounding communities by providing more office and living space, more retail and commercial development, a greater connection to downtown, increased transportation capacity, better access to nearby transit stations and a connection to the Bayside River.”

There are also significant environmental benefits from these proposed impro바카라vements to the river, as well as the new traffic management district that would allow for greater interchange and access to residential neighborhoods.

Brenton Beach

In January 2009, Brenton Beach Association submitted a petition to council with a plan that included the development of a new, mixed-use beachfront. This plan was rejected by the council.

On Nov. 28, 2010, a special meeting of the council was called where residents, the public and the councigospelhitzl all heard from the community and offered comments to city staff. It was decided to approve the Beach Development Agreement (BDA) and its implementation plan. The new master plan for Brenton Beach, along with the Beach Development Agreement and the community’s feedback are being released now by the city.

The first major phases of the $11 million “Project Neptune” were completed on June 9, 201

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